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"Sit in the center of a library. Somewhere where you can see people. Don’t read a book; read the people around you. See the little girl working on her math homework, the teenage boy bobbing his head to the song he is listening to, the girl across from him who cannot stop staring at him, the men with ties too tight looking at long lists of numbers, the girl hiding behind a pile of books, and the women ripping her paper in half. Somehow I now realize every person is a book with a unique story to tell."

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what if there was a really flamboyant assassin and after they killed someone they just snapped their fingers, turned away and said ‘you’ve just been SASSassinated’

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i have two kidney stones aha haha ha ahaha
ha HA




Lucy (2014)

An action film.

With a female lead.

Played by Scarlett Johanssen

With no love interest.

With superpowers.

And Morgan Freeman.

I had no idea how much I wanted this until this moment.


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last prom picture I’m sorry! my date just posted it and it looks magical

ok last prom picture i promise. my date and i~